For less than the price of an emergency call out, why not take advantage of our annual roof maintenance programme.

This programme enables us to survey your roof throughout the year. We can foresee any problems and get them repaired immediately before they become bigger problems causing much more expense. Other benefits include:

  • Extends the life of your roof by up to 25%
  • Gutters are cleaned out annually
  • We will replace upto 3 broken roof tiles or 2 ridge tiles annually
  • Saves thousands of pounds by finding leaks and problems earlier
  • Photographic evidence can be kept on file
  • Proof of roof maintenance for cheaper house insurance
  • Peace of mind
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Easier to sell property
  • Protects your investment

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From only £149, ask our friendly team for more information or simply fill in our form to get started.

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